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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

17 - 03 - 2011: RBI Policy, New Declarations:what will be the effect??

Yesterday, our market acts as independent market... like, rest of the market was 1 to 6% down, but our market was up, is it because of Good news in the market? or just all the other funds gets raise so strong buying is there??
I think both are the reasons.

Just check it out with chart, market has made golden crossover for 5, 13, and 21 DEMA and one up flag breakout above 5515 level, so this is the sign where we can say market is bullish but for intra-day traders they can get down move as there will be profit booking!

Market will be in the range of 5480 to 5590, if today if goes above level 5590, it may go up to 5620!! But below 5480, market may fall upto 5417. We can make profit by applying our Intra-day strategies.

Pivot Level:
P: 5507
R1,R2,R3: 5539 - 5567 - 5598
S1,S2,S3: 5480 - 5448 - 5421

Technical Supports: 5494 - 5476 - 5449
Technical Resist: 5535 - 5563 - 5586

Intra-day Stocks:
  1.  Anjani Fabri: Long position (Risky Trade)
  2. Cupid Ltd: Short Position
  3. Force Motors: Short Position
  4. JSW Steel: Long Position (Risky Trade)
  5. Advani Hotel: Long Position
  6. Atul Ltd: Long Position
  7. Kolte Patil: Long Position 
F & O Stocks:
  1.  Alok Text: Long Position, call option 20
  2. Bhartiartl: Long Position
  3. Canbk: Long Position
  4. Central Bank: Long Position
  5. Educomp: Long Position
  6. ICICI Bank: Long Position
  7. Infosys: Long Position
  8. LT: Long Position
  9. LICHSGFIN: Call option 200, 210
  10. ONGC: Short Position
Delivery Stocks:
  1.  Atul Ltd: Medium Term Hold
  2.  Kolte Patil: Short Term Hold
If you have any query please get in touch with me.


Anagha Bhave
[Technical Analyst]

Precise Analysis Pvt Ltd.
Flat No: 7, 2nd Floor, Indraprastha Apt, Near Ambar Hall,
Mayur Colony, Kothrud, Pune 411038

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