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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bull Run - Really or.....

Hi All,
Last two days, Market was totally unpredicted, there were so many dips and ups in the market. As it was near to expiry, so, market most of the time remain as it is. But for this trading session, last 2 days people were long in the market, so when they square off their position? that is a question mark. 
But very contradictory move was in the option market, Nifty Call Option Open Interest gets down but Put Option Option interest raised like anything, and Future OI also gets raised. This is contradiction, like suppose people are bullish about the market then both open interest gets raised. 
When Call Option's OI gets raised because of high Buying volume, and on the other hand, Put Option OI gets raised because of Put right, then we can say market is bullish, and future's OI also has to gets increased, but only 2 things happened out of three. Means next week market will be very unpredicted. 
Also take into consideration, Future OI also gets raised, that means people are hedging the position, means market is now direction less, so market will move in any directions,   
But Considering 2 days trading sessions, market will celebrate the End of the year, that means there will be bull run,can be upto the levels of 6202, for tomorrow.
Nifty Supports: 6062 - 6022 - 6002
Nifty Resist: 6144 - 6182 - 6202
Intraday Stocks:
  1. Bartronincs: Short Position, Evening Star
  2. PVP Venture: Short Position, Bearish Piercing
  3. Asian Electronics: Short Position, Bearish Piercing
  4. IndiaBulls: Long Position, Double bottom
F & O Stocks:
  1. Ashok ley: Long Position, Buy call option of 60, 65 for 2/4 days, Spinning top at bottom
  2. Chambal Fertilizer: Long Position, Flag Breakout  
  3. DCB: Long Position, Inverted H & S Breakout 
  4. ICICI Bank: Long Position, Inverted H & S Breakout
  5. IFCI: Call Option 65, 70 Buy, Long Position, Trend line breakout
  6. JindalSteel: Long Position, Inverted H & S Breakout
  7. Sail: Long Position, Risky trade
  8. Suzlon: Call Option buy 55, 60
  9. Tatamotors: Call Option buy 1300, 1350, 1400
  10. Tatasteel: Call Option buy 670, 680, 700
  11. SBIN: Call Option buy 2800, 2900, 3100   
Delivery Stocks:
  1. DCB: Short Term hold, Inverted H & S Breakout
  2. ICICI Bank: Short Term Hold, Inverted H & S Breakout
  3. Jindal Steel: Short Term Hold, Inverted H & S Breakout

Mrs. Anagha A. Bhave
[Technical Analyst]

Aabhineesh Total Solutions.
1st Floor, Gajanan Krupa Apt,
Sadashiv Peth, Near Nagnath Par,
Pune 411030.
94 202 14 800

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