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Monday, December 13, 2010

Bulls and Bears win win situation, can happen again?

Dear All,
Today, Bulls and Bears were dancing with each other with great fall in the market and a rise too. Total market was news driven and news were fake. 
In the morning we got a news about south Korea Firing, and had a great fall in the market, but after the confirmation about news was of Fake and situation became dicey, all people were acting as a "MENDHYA" ! 
Traders were confused what to do? and market went up.... So, all people were with a doubt whether to ride with Bull or stuck up with bears. 
Can we just think about some facts of the market? Those who were long in the market, all stop losses gets triggered, but if you were thinking of Reverse Positions, then it settles down at lower rate. So, traders move was restricted because of what will be the next News about firing. But once it gets resolved, after 1, market take a U turn with almost 130 Points gain!!!
Great combination of Bulls and Bears act, so this market becomes only traders market, with less holdings.
Nifty Support: 5882 - 5795 - 5761
Nifty Resist: 5924 - 5954 - 6001
Tomorrow also, this dance will continue with a low of 5865 and a high of 5971/6001
Intra-day Stocks:
  1. Glodyne Tech: Long Position, Bullish Kicker  
  2. JSW Steel: Long Position, Bullish Kicker
  3. Balkrish Ind: Short Position, Bearish Engulf  
  4. United Phosp: Long Position, Risky Trade.
F & O Stocks:
  1. Bhartiartl: Long Position, Buy Call option strike price: 340 / 350, Spinning top at bottom  
  2. DLF: Long Position, Bullish Kicker, Buy call option of strike 300
  3. Federal Bank: Long Position, Bullish Kicker
  4. HCL Tech: Long Position, up flag breakout  
  5. HDIL: Long Position, Bullish Kicker
  6. IFCI: Long Position, Buy call option 65
  7. Tatamotors: Long position, long position, buy call option of strike price 1300
  8. Wipro: Short Position, Key reversal at top
Delivery Stocks:
No Stocks
If you have any query please get in touch with me.

Mrs. Anagha A. Bhave
[Technical Analyst]

Aabhineesh Total Solutions.1st Floor, Gajanan Krupa Apt,
Sadashiv Peth, Near Nagnath Par,
Pune 411030.
94 202 14 800

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