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Monday, December 27, 2010

For Bull: Enjoy Holidays for next 2 days!!!!!!!!

Hi All,
Wow, as per predictions, market came down, thats great!! Congratulations to those who have made the profits!!!
Now for today, considering Nifty Chart, it made a key reversal pattern at top, this pattern will usually pull the market down for 1/2 days. So, market will be bearish for today, and bull will enjoy the holidays. Day after tomorrow there will be expiry session, so, those people who are long in the market they should cover their positions, because of this selling pressure, market will come down. 
Comparing with other indices, these market also fallen down or in consolidation. Today, Asian and Hang Seng market is down by 0.35%, and 1.23% accordingly. This is the sign of bearish for today. but market will remain more volatile after 1/ 1.30 PM.
As this is a start of new year, from coming year, we can make a good Pension plan/ Education Plan our own for at least next 3 years by buying Nifty-bees, Bank-bees, Infra-bees, gold-bees with a fixed investment every month. You will definitely get handsome return of 60% per year minimum. If you want to know more about this plan, please get in touch with me, i will definitely guide you. 
Nifty Supports: 5975 - 5940 - 5900
Nifty Resists: 6013 - 6045 - 6069
Intraday Stocks:
  1. Patel Eng: Short Position, Bearish Kicker
  2. Praj Ind: Long Position, Bullish Engulf
F & O Stocks:
  1. ABB: Short Position, Evening star
  2. Adityabirlanuvo: Short Position, Bearish Kicker
  3. APIL: Long Position, Bullish Kicker
  4. Bhartiartl: Short Position, Bearish Piercing
  5. Hindalco: Short Position, double top
Delivery Stocks:
No Stocks

Mrs. Anagha A. Bhave
[Technical Analyst]

Aabhineesh Total Solutions.
1st Floor, Gajanan Krupa Apt,
Sadashiv Peth, Near Nagnath Par,
Pune 411030.
99 22 94 33 56

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